About Us

Ross and Maria met whilst studying veterinary science and have embarked on many adventures together including living in three European countries. They moved to the UK in 2011 when Ross started a new job in a referral exotics hospital in Leeds. He went on to do his first postgraduate certificate the following year.

They moved to Leicester where they worked together full-time in a small animal veterinary practice, although this only lasted a few months as Ross had to leave due to spinal health reasons. Whilst going through the diagnostics he couldn't work for over 6 months so he started up MR Vet Ltd, started the parasitology laboratory and published an article for the British Veterinary Association. After this he worked part time in local veterinary practices as a locum vet and soon after opened his own practice in Leicestershire with two partners. Maria completed her post graduate certificate in small animal medicine and worked for a group practice in Leicester for two years. She then became a locum vet for MR Vet Ltd

Ross finally underwent spinal surgery in 2016 and gradually got back in to sport and leading a normal life. He continued to run the parasitology laboratory, currently collecting data from around the country for the largest pet reptile parasite survey yet, and coauthored chapters the British Small Animal Association "Manual of Reptiles" and "Mader's Reptile and Amphibian Medicine and Surgery". They also started the Veterinary Parasitology project focussing on the main aspects of parasitology of reptiles, birds, small mammals, dogs and cats. They also work on a project recruiting veterinary surgeons to supply the United Kingdom given the massive shortage of vets.

Ross and Maria currently offer a locum service in different parts of the UK.